Cerealtec - Cerealtec - Grain Cooling Technology


Maintains Quality

Prolongs storage without risk or quality loss.
Extends grain gathering time without taking risk and while keeping quality.

Waste reduction

Reduces losses on overdrying (excessive ventilation) by breathing (dry matter), by fermentation or acidification, by breakages or by insect’s stings

Drying savings

Dries last points of moisture, removing the need for a dryer and freeing it up of costly points.

Insect and Fungi Control

Cools the grain below 15°C, inhibiting insects and fungi proliferation, getting rid of the need to use agrochemicals application.

Climatic factors independence

The grain is cooled in a predictable time regardless of weather conditions.
No more heat concentration or burned grains.

Seed refrigeration

Maintain the seed germination power and vigor. It is possible to refrigerate aluminum silos and to dry seeds during cooling.

Compatible with a wide variety of grains








Cutting Edge Technology

Equipment manufactured under European standards with German Bitzer compressor and environmentally friendly refrigerant

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Cerealtec - Tecnología en refrigeración de granos.
Cerealtec - Tecnología en refrigeración de granos.

The mobile grain cooling system takes external air and converts it into cold air with controlled temperature and humidity.

The equipment regulation is fully automatic, provided by a computerized system that records all external climatic variables and conditions air based on humidity as well as temperature parameters required for the grain to cool.

The treated air is blown into silos through preinstalled ventilation ducts, moving heat until it is expelled through ventilation openings.

The equipment allows a rapid and consistent temperature decrease regardless of weather conditions, inhibiting the growth of fungi, mycotoxins, aflatoxins and insects.

It is an essential tool for optimal preservation of all kinds of stored grain, corn, wheat, sunflower, barley, soybeans, sorghum, rice, fodder and peanuts; either in silos, cells or deposits.

Cerealtec Mobile Equipment allows grain cooling in:

Cerealtec - Enfriamiento de granos en Celdas.

Grain Cooling in Cells

Cerealtec - Enfriamiento de granos en Silos.

Grain Cooling in Silos

Cerealtec - Enfriamiento de granos en Depósitos.

Grain Cooling in Deposits

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Presence in South America

Rental and equipment sale in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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